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Sentence Skills
Standard Use of Verbs
Standard Use of Pronouns
Modifiers - Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositional Phrases
How Language Varies According to Context
Sentence Structure: Fragments and Run-ons
Standard Use of Punctuation
Standard Use of Capitalization
Practice Sentence Skills Tests


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Practice Sentence Skills Tests

The complete Sentence Skills Test is not available for preview. If you would like to see the results page for a completed Sentence Skills Test click the link below.

Each practice test contains 31 multiple-choice questions of two types.

  • The first type is sentence correction questions that require an understanding of sentence structure. These questions ask you to choose the most appropriate word or phrase for the underlined portion of the sentence.

  • The second type is construction shift questions. These questions ask that a sentence be rewritten according to the criteria shown while maintaining essentially the same meaning as the original sentence.

When the test is completed, you will be given your score, shown the questions that were missed, and offered an opportunity to see how each question was correctly answered.

You do not need to complete a practice test in one sitting. You may return to the test at any time and continue working on a partially completed test or review any test that you completed previously.

View Sentence Skills Demonstration Test Results

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