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Number Concepts and Computation Skills
Word Problems Involving Integers, Fractions, or Decimals
Interpret Information from a Graph, Table, or Chart
Graph Numbers or Number Relationships
One- and Two-Variable Equations
Word Problems Involving One and Two Variables
Algebraic Expressions
Problems Involving Geometric Figures
Apply Reasoning Skills
Practice Math Tests

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Mathematics Competencies Tested on the PLACE

The math test covers three major skill areas addressing one or more sub-skills. An outline showing these major skill areas and their sub-skills is shown below and on the left-hand side of the screen.

Use mathematical reasoning in problem-solving situations to arrive at logical conclusions and to analyze the problem-solving process.

  • analyzing problem solutions for logical flaws,
  • identifying missing information needed to solve problems,
  • evaluating a partial solution to a problem to determine an appropriate next step,
  • and judging the validity or logic of an argument or advertising claim that is based on statistics or probability.

Use mathematical terms and representations to organize, interpret, and communicate information.

  • analyzing data and making inferences from two or more graphic sources (e.g., diagrams, graphs, equations),
  • restating a daily life problem in mathematical terms,
  • representing graphically information presented in another form (e.g., a newspaper excerpt).

Apply knowledge of numerical, geometric, and algebraic relationships in realworld and mathematical contexts.

  • using scales and ratios to interpret maps and models,
  • using geometric concepts and formulas to solve problems related to everyday situations,
  • applying appropriate algebraic concepts, formulas, and equations to the solution of problems.