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Recognize Purpose and Audience
Recognize Unity, Focus, and Development in Writing
Recognize Effective Organization in Writing
Paragraph Organization
Use of Transitional Words or Phrases
Improving Cohesion and Sequence of Ideas
Recognize Effective Sentences
Recognize Edited American English Usage
Revision Strategies
Practice Writing Tests
Write an Organized, Developed Composition

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Recognize Effective Organization in Writing

Recognizing Methods of Paragraph Organization

Paragraphs can be developed in all the ways mentioned on the previous screen: reasons, concrete details, specific examples, facts, statistics, incidents and narratives.

Paragraphs may also use:

  • comparison-contrast,
  • cause and effect,
  • definition, and
  • classification.

These methods are often used in combination to support a main point. If a combination of methods is used, however, it should be used to make the main point clearer.