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Written Essay
About Accuplacer Writing
Essay Skills
Determine the Purpose for Writing
Formulate a Thesis or Statement of Main Idea
Organize Ideas and Details Effectively
Provide Adequate, Relevant Supporting Material
Use Effective Transitions
Demonstrate a Mature Command of Language
Avoid Inappropriate Use of Slang, Jargon, and Cliches
Use a Variety of Sentence Patterns Effectively
Maintain a Consistent Point of View
Practice Writing an Essay

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Written Essay

About Accuplacer Writing

The Accuplacer WritePlacer test measures your ability to write effectively, which is critical to academic success.

You will be asked to provide a writing sample in response to a specific prompt. The assessment measures your writing skills at the level expected of an entering level college student. The test is used to assess your writing skills in order to determine the need for developmental instruction before enrolling in college-level English courses.

Upon completing the Accuplacer WritePlacer test, the computer is trained to evaluate the overall effectiveness of an essay based on the following writing features:

  • Focus—The clarity with which you maintain your main idea or point of view

  • Organization—The clarity with which you structure your response and present a logical sequence of ideas

  • Development and Support—The extent to which you elaborate on your ideas and the extent to which you present supporting details

  • Sentence Structure—The effectiveness of your sentence structure

  • Mechanical Conventions—The extent to which your writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics

Feedback includes a general explanation of the essay score. In addition to the overall score and explanation, each of the individual areas on which the essay is assessed is discussed and assigned its own score.