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Critical Analysis and Evaluation
Comprehension and Context
Research and Reference Skills
Locating Specific Information
Recognizing How the Passage is Organized
Interpreting Information in a Graph
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Locate the place in a reading selection where a specific kind of information can be found.

Sometimes the structure of a reading can provide important clues to its meaning. For example, textbooks are divided into chapters. A list of the chapters is found in the Table of Contents at the beginning of the book.

Most chapters have the following components: title, introduction, headings, illustrations, and summary. All of these may be used to improve one's understanding of the material.

  • The title stimulates the reader's prior knowledge of the subject and helps to generate interest.

  • The introduction indicates the general purpose of the reading and hints at the main ideas to be covered.

  • Because they divide the text by topic, the chapter headings delineate the main ideas of the text and may be used to organize the reader's thoughts.

  • Illustrations help to clarify information by presenting it in alternate formats. They may also be used to register information in and recall information from memory.

  • The summary recaps the main points and reiterates the author's conclusions.