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Introduction to COMPASS Mathematics
Numerical Skills/Prealgebra
College Algebra
Function Notation
Functions - Domain and Range
Linear Functions
Quadratic Functions
Absolute Value
Working with Complex Numbers
Sequences Involving Exponential Growth
College Math Practice Tests

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College Algebra Practice Tests

DEMONSTRATION ONLY: This demonstration presents 5 of 24 test items typically shown on one of our four full-length math tests. Select the "Demonstration COMPASS College Algebra Test" link below to begin.

Each practice test contains 24 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices. Select the best answer in each case. When you click on your selected answer, the program will go immediately to the next question. There will be no opportunity to change an answer after you make your choice.

You do not need to complete a practice test in one sitting. You may return to the test at any time and continue working on a partially completed test or review any test that you completed previously.

Demonstration COMPASS College Algebra Test

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