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Reading (200)
Key Ideas and Details
Craft, Structure, and Language Skills
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Analyze Visual Representations
Recognize a Writer's Implied Purpose
Recognize Logical Assumptions
Determine Logical Assumptions
Drawing Conclusions
Practice Reading Tests

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Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

Analyze Visual Representations

When you are presented with graphic material in a reading passage, pay particular attention to the title of the graph. Often, a statement is included that gives you the source of the information. Read that statement. The labels on a graph are vital to understanding the information, particularly the units that numbers are presented in.

For example:

Are the numbers in dollars, thousands of dollars, millions of dollars? Are you looking at percentages?

Very often, this information is in small print; do not overlook it. Finally, you must consider the relationship of the graph to the written material.

  • What conclusion can you draw from the graph?

  • What is the author’s purpose in using this graph?

  • Is it relevant to the written text?