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Writing (202)
Text Production: Constructed Response
Text Production: Apply Revision Strategies
Language Skills: Grammatical Relationships
Language Skills: Structural Relationships
Language Skills: Word Choice
Correct Use of Commonly Misused Words
Identify Common Spelling Errors
Language Skills: Capitalization and Punctuation
Research Skills
Practice Writing Tests

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LangUnderstand and Address Errors in Sentence Formation, Grammar, and Usage

Recognize and Correct Errors in the Use of Frequently Confused Words

Many words sound alike but mean different things when put into writing. The next few pages will help you distinguish between some of the more common words that sound alike.

Accept, Except

accept: verb meaning to receive or to agree

He accepted their praise graciously.

except: preposition meaning all but, other than

Everyone went to the game except Alyson.

Affect, Effect

affect: verb meaning to influence

Will lack of sleep affect your game?

effect: noun meaning result or consequence

Will lack of sleep have an effect on your game?

effect: verb meaning to bring about, to accomplish

Our efforts have effected a major change in administration policy.

Advise, Advice

advise: verb that means to recommend, suggest, or counsel

I advise you to be cautious.

advice: noun that means an opinion or recommendation about what could or should be done

I'd like to ask for your advice on this matter.