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0001 Main Ideas and Supporting Details
0002 Main Idea and Supporting Details
Identify the Main Idea
Sequence of Steps or Events
Supporting the Main Idea
0003 Apply Skills of Inference and Interpretation
0004 Analyze Relationships Among Ideas
0005 Use Critical Reasoning Skills
0006 Apply Skills for Outlining, Summarizing, and Interpreting
Practice Reading Tests

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0002 Understand the Main Idea and Supporting Details in Written Material

Identify the Stated Main Idea of a Paragraph or Passage

A passage may develop its main idea without stating explicity its conclusion. In such cases, the reader is responsible for drawing inferences from the passage and recognizing the implications of those inferences. An inference depends on the reader's ability to recognize the implications of a passage and arrive at a logical resolution or conclusion.

In order to draw an inference, the reader must use past knowledge plus the facts and opinions of the writer. Keep the main idea in mind as you read, and determine whether or not you can conclude the same ideas as those of the writer.

Read the paragraph below. What inference or implication can be drawn from it? Click the "Next" button below when you are finished.


College football is the best friend of the National Football League. The best high school players in the world are sought and found by colleges and universities. Highly paid coaching staffs develop these athletes for their university teams. Food, lodging, equipment, and facilities are paid for by the universities. Experience playing before huge crowds is part of college football's contribution to the development of its football players. Meanwhile, the National Football League, with very little investment in the development of these players, awaits their talents.