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Mathematics (190)
Number Properties and Operations
Principles of Algebra
Measurement and Geometry Concepts
Probability and Statistics
Problem Solving and Reasoning
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Mathematics Practice Tests

DEMONSTRATION ONLY: This demonstration presents 10 of 45 test items typically shown on one of our four full-length math tests. Select the "Begin Demonstration MTLE Math Test" link below to begin.

Actual Time Allowed on Test Day: Up to 1 hour and 15 minutes
Number of Questions on Official Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills Subtest III: Mathematics (190): Approximately 45
Format of Offical Mathematics (190): Multiple-choice questions
Test Delivery: Computer delivered
Reference Materials: None Required

The four full-length practice tests presented in this program include 45 multiple-choice questions with one possible answer. When you click on your selected answer, the program records your answer and moves immediately to the next question. When the test is completed, you will be given your score, shown the questions that were missed, and offered an opportunity to see how each question was correctly answered.

When taking a practice test, you may find it helpful to simulate actual testing conditions by using only the time allowed on test day. When you click the Begin Math Test link, the timer begins counting down from 75 minutes. When the timer reaches zero, it will begin counting up but your practice test session will not end. Click Hide Timer if you do not wish to see the timer. If you have hidden the practice test timer and would like to see it again, click Show Timer.

Clicking on the Navigator link in the left-hand menu displays the Navigator screen. The Navigator screen lists all questions on the test and their status: answered or unanswered. You can go to any question in the test regardless of whether you have already seen it. When you have completed all test items, the “Score Practice Test” link will appear.

Once you click the “Score Practice Test” link, the practice test ends and you are able to view your practice test scores. The results page shows your overall score, the questions that were missed, and offers an opportunity to see how each question was correctly answered.

You do not need to complete a practice test in one sitting. You may return to the test at any time and continue working on a partially completed test or review any test that you completed previously.

Begin Demonstration MTLE Math Test

Begin Math Test A

Begin Math Test B

Begin Math Test C

Begin Math Test D