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Reading (5712)
Key Ideas and Details
Craft, Structure, and Language Skills
Content, Word Choice, and Phrasing
Common Organizational Patterns
Distinguish Between Fact and Opinion
Using Context Clues
Figurative Language
Commonly Misused Words
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
Practice Reading Tests

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Craft, Structure, and Language Skills

Interpret the Content, Word Choice, and Phrasing of a Reading Selection

Evaluating always means making a judgment about the quality of something. If the writer’s language fits the purpose, then that passage is appropriate.

For example:

Consider the following: “Now, y’all know that reading good is something that everybody’s got to do in college.”

Would that sentence have been an appropriate beginning for this course? No, of course, it would not fit either the intended audience of beginning college students or the serious purpose of informing that audience about an important test. Evaluating passages from the test may require more subtle skills, but the language is always the key to the correct answer.