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Written Essay
Written Essay Overview
Essay Skills
Determine the Purpose for Writing
Formulate a Thesis or Statement of Main Idea
Organize Ideas and Details Effectively
Provide Adequate, Relevant Supporting Material
Use Effective Transitions
Demonstrate a Mature Command of Language
Avoid Inappropriate Use of Slang, Jargon, and Cliches
Use a Variety of Sentence Patterns Effectively
Maintain a Consistent Point of View
Practice Writing an Essay

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VPT English: Written Essay - Overview

The Written Essay component of the VPT English test will be used to assess your English preparedness and to place you into the appropriate English course. Since writing a quality essay is 60% of your VPT English score, you are encouraged to begin preparing in advance of your testing date.

You will be asked to provide a writing sample in response to a specific prompt. The assessment measures your writing skills at the level expected of a freshman college student. The test is used to assess your writing skills in order to determine the need for developmental instruction before enrolling in college-level English courses.

Upon completing the Written Essay test, the computer is trained to evaluate the overall effectiveness of an essay based on the following writing features:

  • Focus and Meaning

  • Content and Development

  • Organization

  • Language Use & Style

  • Mechanics and Conventions