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Introduction to
the VPT
Preparing for the VPT
Discovering Your Weaknesses
Sample Tests
Essay Tests
Test-Taking Strategies
Getting Ready for the VPT
Dealing with Test-Taking Anxiety


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Introduction to the VPT

The state of Virginia uses the VPT (Virginia Placement Test) to assess students' English and mathematics college readiness skills. The VPT was developed by committees of college professors, extensive literature review, and pilot tests. By assessing your ability levels, the VPT helps to determine the English and mathematics courses most appropriate for you as you enter college.

This online course is designed around the content objectives of the VPT. The instructional sections and sample tests directly relate to the information provided by Virginia's Community Colleges website, www.vccs.edu. Although this course is complete in terms of test preparation, there is an obvious need for prior completion of high school course work upon which the VPT depends.