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MTE 3: Algebra Basics
Absolute Value
Evaluating Exponents
Perfect Squares
Simplifying Expressions
Standard and Scientific Notation
Properties of Numbers
Variables and Expressions
Solving Equations:
X + A = B
Solving Equations:
AX = B
Ratios and Proportions
Perimeter, Area and Volume
MTE 3: Practice Tests

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DEMONSTRATION ONLY: The instructional section and practice tests are not available for this MTE module. See the MTE 5 section for a more complete preview. Staff and faculty of postsecondary and K12 institutions may request a complimentary, unrestricted preview of both the student and instructor sections of our program for evaluation purposes.

Algebra Basics

Topics covered in this unit include:

  • Evaluate the Absolute Value of a Number

  • Evaluating Exponents

  • Calculate the Square Root of Numbers Containing Perfect Squares

  • Simplify Expressions Involving Signed Numbers

  • Convert Between Standard Notation and Scientific Notation

  • Identify the Properties of Numbers

  • Variables and Simplifying Open Expressions

  • Solving Equations of the Form X + A = B

  • Solving Equations of the Form AX = B

  • Ratios and Proportions

  • Solve Application Problems Including Finding Perimeter, Area and Volume

The menu at the left can be used to navigate to a specific area of instruction within this unit, go to one of the four practice test, or return to the Main Menu. If you want to see all of the content tested within this unit, use the Next button at the bottom of the screens to access each page in the sequence.