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Writing Skills
Establishing and Maintaining Theme or Main Idea
Sentence Construction, Grammar, and Usage
Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation
Analyzing and Revising Sentences
Research Skills
Credibility and Relevance of Sources
Elements of a Citation
Effective Research Strategies
Practice Writing Tests

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Recognize and Apply Appropriate Research Skills and Strategies

Credibility and Relevance of Sources

The goal of research is to find accurate and relevant information to build knowledge on a given subject. While this seems straightforward enough, it can often be a frustrating process when the right material on a topic is hard to obtain. There are several aspects to effective research, which brings quality, pertinent content to the researcher. Having the right skills and strategies can streamline the process and ensure that the information found is valid and useful.


While there are a variety of sources for research available, not all are equally valuable or valid. Being able to tell which sources are credible and relevant ensures that research is accurate and on point. The Internet has made many sources readily available and information more accessible, but much of what is found there is inaccurate or misleading. Libraries and their resources, which are increasingly available online, are still among the best places to begin when looking for sources. Since the goal of research is to accumulate information, often for the purpose of drawing conclusions, evaluating sources is an important part of the research process.