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Introduction to Accuplacer Mathematics
Elementary Algebra
College Level Math

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Introduction to Accuplacer Mathematics

The Accuplacer math test covers three areas: Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College Level Algebra.


This section measures your ability to perform basic arithmetic operations and to solve problems that involve fundamental arithmetic concepts.

  • Operations with whole numbers and fractions: Topics included in this category are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, recognizing equivalent fractions and mixed numbers, and estimating.

  • Operations with decimals and percents: Topics include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with decimals. Percent problems, recognition of decimals, fraction and percent equivalencies, and problems involving estimation are also given.

  • Applications and problem solving: Topics include rate, percent, and measurement problems; simple geometry problems; and distribution of a quantity into its fractional parts.

Elementary Algebra

This section measures your ability to solve problems that involve elementary algebra concepts.

  • Operations with integers and rational numbers, and includes computation with integers and negative rationals, the use of absolute values, and ordering.

  • Operations with algebraic expressions using evaluation of simple formulas and expressions, and adding and subtracting monomials and polynomials.

  • Translating written phrases into algebraic expressions and solving equations, inequalities, word problems, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations (by factoring), and verbal problems presented in an algebraic context.

College Level Mathematics

This section measures your ability to solve problems that involve college-level mathematics concepts.

  • Algebraic Operations

  • Solutions of Equations and Inequalities

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Applications and other Algebra Topics

  • Functions

  • Trigonometry