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Writing (97)
0007 Standard Use of Verbs
0008 Standard Use of Pronouns
0009 Modifiers - Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositional Phrases
0010 How Language Varies According to Context
0011 Sentence Structure: Fragments and Run-ons
0012 Standard Use of Punctuation
0013 Standard Use of Capitalization
0014 Standard Use of Spelling
Practice Writing Tests
0015 Prepare a Developed Composition

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0014 Identify the Use of Standard Spelling

Recognizing the Standard Spelling of Commonly Encountered Words and Education-Related Words (Presented in Context)

Spelling correctly and recognizing misspelled words are valuable skills that need to be developed. It is suggested that lists of frequently misspelled words like the one shown below be studied. Knowing how to spell the words in this list will also be useful in figuring out the spelling of words that are not in the list.

accommodate decision laboratory psychopathic
accidental decided lead psychosomatic
accidentally defendant led pursue
acquaint definite library really
acquaintance definitely license realize
acquire definition loneliness receive
address define lonely receiving
advice describe loose recommend
advise description lose recommendation
affect disastrous losing referring
effect distress marriage repetition
all right embarrass mathematics repetitious
ambitious environment necessary responsible
among equipped unnecessary rhythm
analyze equipment neither selected
analysis exaggerate ninth seminar
apparent excellent noticeable sense
appear excellence noticing separate
appearance exist occasion separation
argument existence occur shining
arguing existent occurred similar
athlete experience occurring sophomore
began explanation occurrence studying
begin familiar opportunity success
beginner fascinate origin succeed
beginning forty original succession
belief fourth passed successful
believe general past surprise
benefit government perform temperature
beneficial governor performance than
busy grammar personal then
business grammatically personnel their
category height playwright there
cemetery history possess they’re
choose imagine possession thorough
chose imaginary practical tries
choice imagination precede tried
comparative immediate prefer too
conscientious immediately preferred to
conscience impressionable prejudice two
conscious incident prepare useful
consciousness incidentally prevalent useless
consistent independence principal using
consistency indict principle usual
control initial privilege unusual
controlled intelligent probably varies
controlling intelligence proceed various
controversy interest procedure vicious
controversial interpret professor weather
course interpretation profession whether
coarse irrelevant prominent woman
criticism its psychology write
criticize it’s psychoanalysis writing