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Writing (97)
0007 Standard Use of Verbs
0008 Standard Use of Pronouns
0009 Modifiers - Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositional Phrases
0010 How Language Varies According to Context
0011 Sentence Structure: Fragments and Run-ons
0012 Standard Use of Punctuation
0013 Standard Use of Capitalization
0014 Standard Use of Spelling
Practice Writing Tests
0015 Prepare a Developed Composition
Guidelines for Passing
Essay Skills
Determine the Purpose for Writing
Formulate a Thesis or Statement of Main Idea
Organize Ideas and Details Effectively
Provide Adequate, Relevant Supporting Material
Use Effective Transitions
Demonstrate a Mature Command of Language
Use a Variety of Sentence Patterns Effectively
Maintain a Consistent Point of View
Practice Writing an Essay

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0015 - Prepare a Developed Composition

Written Performance Assignment (Essay)

The written performance section of the AEPA requires you to write an essay on a given topic.

Since you have a total of four hours to complete all sections of the AEPA Basic Skills Assessment, you should allocate approximately 40-60 mintues to complete this task. This is a guideline, however, and each writer should allocate his time accordingly depending on his strengths or weaknesses.

Each essay is evaluated immediately after each AEPA administration by at least two readers using a four-point score scale (see next page).

Graders will evaluate essays based on the following criteria:

I. Appropriateness: The extent to which the response addresses the topic and uses language and style appropriate for the specified audience, purpose, and occasion
II. Focus and Organization: The extent to which the response states and maintains the thesis statement by using organizational strategies to enhance meaning and clarity
III. Support: The extent to which the response provides reasoned support and specific examples to develop the thesis
IV. Grammar, Sentence Structure, and Usage: The extent to which the response uses appropriate grammar, effective sentence structure, and precise usage
V. Conventions: The extent to which the response demonstrates the ability to spell common words and to use the conventions of capitalization and punctuation accurately