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Introduction to the ELM
Preparing for the ELM
Discovering Your Weaknesses
Sample Tests
Test-Taking Strategies
Getting Ready for the ELM
Dealing with Test-Taking Anxiety


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Sample Tests

When you feel somewhat acquainted with the skills demanded by the ELM, take one of its sample tests. The computer will score it, show you the items that are incorrect, and give you an opportunity to see the item with an explanation for its correct response. By reviewing any errors, you can learn what needs to be studied further and make better preparations for another test. At that time, you can take another sample test and repeat the process for overcoming any weaknesses. If you find that you are still missing questions, you may need to get additional assistance from another source.

A good study strategy after you have taken a sample test is to meet with other students who are preparing to take the test. You will find that you have strengths in some of the areas that others do not, and they will have strengths in your weakest areas. Form a study group to review the instructional material. Discuss with your group the items that have been missed. Remember that there is no value to memorizing the answers to particular test questions. Those questions will not appear on the test; they are only designed to be samples of the kinds of questions that the official test will ask.