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Essay Skills
Determine the Purpose for Writing
Formulate a Thesis or Statement of Main Idea
Organize Ideas and Details Effectively
Provide Adequate, Relevant Supporting Material
Use Effective Transitions
Demonstrate a Mature Command of Language
Avoid Inappropriate Use of Slang, Jargon, and Cliches
Use a Variety of Sentence Patterns Effectively
Maintain a Consistent Point of View
Practice Writing an Essay

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Determine the Purpose for Writing

Once a subject for the essay has been tentatively decided, begin the writing process by developing a statement of purpose. The clearer you can make the statement of purpose, the easier it will be to generate a number of ideas you can develop.

For essay tests, you want to address a general reading audience rather than any specific, narrow one. Do not write for a teacher, testmaker, employer, or friend. Use standard English and assume that your reader is neither totally ignorant nor completely informed on your topic. Avoid making vague comments by concentrating on specific statements of fact or opinion. Support those statements with as many examples as possible. Place your emphasis on clearly stating your ideas.