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Writing Skills
Establishing and Maintaining Theme or Main Idea
Sentence Construction, Grammar, and Usage
Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation
Analyzing and Revising Sentences
Practice Writing Tests

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DEMONSTRATION ONLY: This demonstration presents an abbreviated version of the complete NC DAP course. Click 'Next' at the bottom of the screen or make a selection from the links on the left to begin. Not all links are available for the demo.

Writing Skills

This section contains a listing and description of the skills included in the Writing Skills section of the NC DAP test along with instruction to further illustrate the knowledge needed to do well on the placement test. It is suggested that you first familiarize yourself with the writing skills instruction and the examples given. Then try the first of the four sample writing skills tests.

The answers that are given at the end of each writing skills test will clearly show how well you understand the material and what must be learned to score well on the actual NC DAP. Use these explanations to plan further study and improvement. Then try another sample test, review the answers, and improve the likelihood of an improved score on any test in the future.

With four sample tests in this program, a cycle of testing, reviewing, and improving can be repeated. Each cycle will improve your ability to pass each succeeding test.

The menu at the left can be used to select portions of this section, go to a practice test, return to the Main Menu, or sign out. If you want to see all of the content tested on the writing skills test, use the Next button at the bottom of the screens to access each page in the sequence.