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Writing Skills
Establishing and Maintaining Theme or Main Idea
Sentence Construction, Grammar, and Usage
Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation
Analyzing and Revising Sentences
Practice Writing Skills Tests

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Practice Writing Skills Tests

The complete Writing Skills Test is not available for preview. If you would like to see the results page for a completed Writing Skills Test click the link below.

School representatives interested in a site license can call or send an email requesting an unrestricted preview of both student and instructor sections of this program for evaluation purposes.

Each practice test contains 42 multiple-choice questions. Each page is divided into two parts. The top half of the page allows you to scroll through the passage using the scroll bar on your right. The bottom half shows the question that needs to be answered.

Read each passage carefully and then answer its questions. You may not need to re-read the passage, but it remains available if you need it. When you click on your selected answer, the program will go immediately to the next question. There will be no opportunity to change an answer after you make your choice.

When the test is completed, you will be given your score, shown the questions that were missed, and offered an opportunity to see how each question was correctly answered.

You do not need to complete a practice test in one sitting. You may return to the test at any time and continue working on a partially completed test or review any test that you completed previously.

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