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0001 Meaning of Words and Phrases
0002 Purpose, Main Idea, and Organization
0003 Analyze and Evaluate Ideas and Information
Analyze Relationships Between Ideas
Fact and Opinion
Relevance, Importance, and Sufficiency
0004 Make Inferences from Ideas and Information
Practice Reading Tests

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0003 Analyze and Evaluate Ideas and Information Presented in a Variety of Texts

Analyze Relationships Between Ideas

Other types of relationships you might identify between two ideas include Problem and Solution, Contradiction/Contrasting Views, Supporting Evidence/Example, or Explanation. Examples of each are presented below and on the next three pages.

Problem and Solution

In problem and solution relationships, the second sentence typically states a solution to the problem stated in the first sentence. Test for this option by adding the words "To solve this problem," between the sentences.

For example:

States have slashed education budgets to cope with falling tax revenues and rising deficits.


Parents and community organizations across the country are devising ingenious ways to raise money for local schools.

How are the two sentences related?

A. The second sentence provides support evidence for the first sentence.
B. They present contrasting views.
C. They repeat the same idea.
D. They present a problem and a solution.