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Introduction to the Praxis Core
Preparing for the Praxis Core
Discovering Your Weaknesses
Sample Tests
Essay Tests
Test-Taking Strategies
Getting Ready for the Praxis Core
Strategies While Taking the Praxis Core
Dealing with Test-Taking Anxiety

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Preparing for the Praxis Core

The purpose of this online course is to prepare you for the Praxis Core. You have prepared yourself for test-taking and further college work by years of study in numerous courses and by your determination to succeed. The Praxis Core is but one more hurdle to overcome. You need to remember your preparation and prior study as you approach the Praxis Core. Building upon the skills you have acquired in reading, writing, and mathematics this course provides an opportunity to maximize your scores on the Praxis Core.

Passing the Core tests is an important goal for your academic success in higher education. The better prepared you are for the academic challenges, the more likely they can be handled with enjoyment and achievement. Your success with the Praxis Core is worth far more than the effort required to meet its standards.