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Language Arts:
Grammar and Usage
0007 Demonstrate Command of Standard Usage
0008 Mechanical Conventions
Language Arts:
0009 Purpose and Audience
0010 Unity, Focus, Development, and Organization
0011 Editing and Revision Strategies
0012 Recognizing Effective Communication
Organization and Unity
Development of Ideas in a Paragraph
Fragments and Run-On Sentences
Practice Writing Tests
0013 Prepare an Organized, Developed Composition

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0012 Recognize Sentences and Paragraphs that Effectively Communicate Intended Messages

Demonstrate an Understanding of Unity Within Paragraphs and Apply Methods for Enhancing Paragraph Organization and Unity

A writer needs to present the information in an organized way so that readers will find it easy and enjoyable to read. Clear organization helps give a paragraph coherence. Coherence means that everything in the paragraph sticks together; all the ideas, details, and sentences are clearly related and flow together smoothly.

Read this sample paragraph about planning your study time to see how it presents information clearly.




As a college student, you need to know how to organize your time carefully. Find or make a weekly schedule that has blank squares for every hour of the week. First, fill in fixed commitments such as classes, meals, church, club meetings, and any other regular obligations. Next, budget some of the blank spaces for exercise and entertainment to break up the day. Of course, leave enough time for homework and review. Write in specific times for doing homework for each class. Although students have a tendency to start working on their favorite subjects, this habit postpones the others until later at night when the students are tired. Good students always tackle first. A well-designed schedule allows them to enjoy themselves while completing all of their work on time.



Answer these questions about the content of the paragraph. Answers will vary.

1. What is the very limited subject of this paragraph?
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2. What does the paragraph show about the very limited subject?
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3. List three details used to support the topc sentence.
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