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0011 Understand Effective Writing
0012 Understand Clear, Concise, and Coherent Writing
0013 Understand Grammatical Writing
0014 Understand Mechanics and Conventions
Practice Writing Tests
0015 Prepare an Organized, Developed Composition
Guidelines for Passing
Essay Skills
Determine the Purpose for Writing
Formulate a Thesis or Statement of Main Idea
Organize Ideas and Details Effectively
Provide Adequate, Relevant Supporting Material
Use Effective Transitions
Demonstrate a Mature Command of Language
Avoid Inappropriate Slang, Jargon, and Cliches
Use a Variety of Sentence Patterns Effectively
Maintain a Consistent Point of View
Practice Writing an Essay

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0015 Demonstrate the ability to develop a focused, well-organized piece of analytical writing that is appropriate for a given audience and conforms to the conventions of Standard American English.

This section of the PAPA Writing module consists of one extended constructed-response assignment. You should prepare a multiple-paragraph composition of approximately 600 words on the assigned topic.

For this assignment, you will be presented with a proposition or point of view, and asked to agree or disagree with the proposition/point of view and to defend your position in writing with reasoned arguments and relevant examples. Read the assignment carefully and think about how you will organize your response before you begin to write. You will be supplied with a booklet of yellow erasable sheets to make notes, write an outline, or otherwise prepare your response. However, when you take the actual PAPA Writing test, your score will be based solely on the response that is typed in the response box provided for the assignment.

Your composition should effectively communicate a whole message to the specified audience for the stated purpose. You will be assessed on your ability to express, organize, and support opinions and ideas. You will not be assessed on the position you express.

Graders will evaluate essays based on the following criteria:

Appropriateness: The extent to which the response addresses the assigned topic and uses language and style appropriate for the specified audience.
Focus and Unity: The extent to which the response clearly states, and maintains clear connections to, the main idea or thesis statement.
Organization: The extent to which the response is effectively and coherently sequenced from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph.
Development: The extent to which the response provides relevant, varied, and specific support to elaborate on the main idea or thesis statement.
Grammar and Conventions: The extent to which the response shows control of grammar, sentence structure, usage, and mechanical conventions (i.e., spelling, punctuation, and capitalization).