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0006 Understand the Influence of Purpose and Audience
0007 Unity, Focus, and Development
0008 Apply Principles of Organization
Recognize Effective Organization
Transitional Words or Phrases
0009 Sentence and Paragraph Construction
0010 Apply Correct Usage in Standard English
0011 Apply Knowledge of Mechanical Conventions
Practice Writing Tests
0012 Analyzing and Revising Sentences
0013 Produce a Written Summary
0014 Prepare an Organized, Developed Composition

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0008 Apply Principles of Organization in Writing

Identify Appropriate Transitional Words or Phrases (e.g., "however," "as a result," "moreover") to Help Readers Understand the Organization of Ideas

Identify the transitions in the following essay:

In Virginia Beach, as in other coastal cities, many people enjoy going out to dinner at the end of a day. Sometimes, however, selecting a good restaurant can be difficult. Fortunately, Virginia Beach offers a variety of restaurants that appeal to diners. The Raven Restaurant is one excellent example because of its menu and relaxing atmosphere.

One of the main reasons that The Raven continues to attract diners is its outstanding seafood menu. For instance, it offers huge crab cakes that are full of meat with very few fillers. Also, The Raven's fried fish basket includes sixteen ounces of mahi mahi with a side order of hush puppies and baked beans. However, dieters can opt for fewer calories with grilled or blackened fish accompanied by a bowl of fresh fruit.

In addition to the amazing seafood menu, The Raven also provides a pleasing atmosphere. To illustrate, every table overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, gas lanterns hanging from the ceiling make evening dining a more sensory experience. Moreover, during the evenings a steel-drum band plays island music that perfectly complements the Caribbean atmosphere.

Thus, because of its delicious seafood and island atmosphere, The Raven is one of the finest restaurants on the Virginia Beach shore. This restaurant offers diners a relaxing evening of entertainment and fine dining. Anyone who tries The Raven once is certain to return.


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