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0006 Understand the Influence of Purpose and Audience
0007 Unity, Focus, and Development
0008 Apply Principles of Organization
0009 Sentence and Paragraph Construction
Recognize Effective Topic Sentences
Fragments and Run-On Sentences
0010 Apply Correct Usage in Standard English
0011 Apply Knowledge of Mechanical Conventions
Practice Writing Tests
0012 Analyzing and Revising Sentences
0013 Produce a Written Summary
0014 Prepare an Organized, Developed Composition

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0009 Apply Principles of Sentence and Paragraph Construction in Writing

Recognize Effective Topic Sentences

Just stating a main idea in a topic sentence is not enough to inform, to persuade, or to entertain your readers. You must develop the main idea with enough information to achieve your purpose.

As you read this paragraph, watch how the speaker tries to persuade you that something is wrong with the masculine ideal in the love relationship.




Mahesh was my friend. But I thought of him as a man who had been stunted by his relationship with Shoba. That had been achievement enough for him. Shoba admired him and needed him, and he was therefore content with himself, content with the person she admired. His only wish seemed to be to take care of this person. He dressed for her, preserved his looks for her. I used to think that when Mahesh considered himself physically he didn't compare himself with other men, or judge himself according to some masculine ideal, but saw only the body that pleased Shoba. He saw himself as his woman saw him; and that was why, though he was my friend, I thought that his devotion to Shoba had made him half a man, and ignoble.
(V. S. Naipaul, The Bend in the River)



Answer these questions about the relationship. Answers will vary.

1. What has his relationship with Shoba done to Mahesh?
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2. Why is Mahesh content with himself?
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3. What does Mahesh do to take care of the person Shoba loves?
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4. What is the result of Mahesh's devotion to Shoba?
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