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0006 Understand the Influence of Purpose and Audience
0007 Unity, Focus, and Development
0008 Apply Principles of Organization
0009 Sentence and Paragraph Construction
0010 Apply Correct Usage in Standard English
0011 Apply Knowledge of Mechanical Conventions
Incorrect and Extraneous Punctuation
Misspelled Words
Practice Writing Tests
0012 Analyzing and Revising Sentences
0013 Produce a Written Summary
0014 Prepare an Organized, Developed Composition

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0011 Apply Knowledge of Mechanical Conventions in Standard English

Identify and Correct Examples in which Incorrect or Extraneous Punctuation has been Used

Use a semicolon in the following situations:

  • Between parts of sentences which already contain commas

    Example: The starting lineup includes Mary Gardner, forward; Jean Phillips, center; and Helen Weaver, guard.

  • Between independent clauses if either clause contains other commas.

    Example: She is a beautiful, talented, young woman; but she will have trouble getting to Hollywood, New York, or Boston because of her attitude.

  • Between independent clauses joined by a conjunctive adverb such as however, therefore, moreover, furthermore, consequently, or on the other hand

    Example: The test began on time; however, we were late getting out of class.