This section focuses on best instructional techniques for sound-symbol, oral-print correspondences. Included here are print as a concept, high-frequency sight word recognition, upper- and lowercase letter recognition, fundamental phonetic principles, and using invented spellings to provide insight to students’ understanding of phonetics.

The first subsection calls for you to help facilitate early reading by knowing which instructional techniques best support student learning in the concept of print and further, to begin to match voice with print. In considering this section, think about what the concepts of print are. Think also about why these concepts are important for the early development of a child’s reading.

Subsection 2 focuses on teaching the recognition of high-frequency sight words. It asks you to show your familiarity with various ways to facilitate students’ ability to automatically recognize high-frequency sight words. For this subsection, define and articulate what automaticity is and further, why automaticity matters to the development of letter and word recognition.

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