This section focuses on understanding writing skills and writing processes.

The first subsection calls for you to recognize that writing is a process, and it is developmental. In preparing for this area, consider the various stages of that writing process. These essentially include prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Which teaching techniques are appropriate for each of the stages of the writing process?

Subsection two calls for you to show you know how to write in various genres, for various purposes, and various audiences. First, identify all of the various writing genres you can. Then identify which ones you feel proficient at writing in. Similarly, identify the various purposes of writing, and further, identify which ones you feel proficient in. Finally, consider how to write for various audiences. What are the criteria and characteristics you look for when tailoring your writing to a particular audience?

In subsection three, you are asked to recognize ways to advance students’ writing skills. Which instructional strategies can advance student skills in effective written expression (e.g. appropriate word choices, voice and tone, and sentence structure and length variety)? Are some techniques better suited to advancing some of these skills specifically? Explain.

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